July 2012

Thinking art

“In everyday life, we often make comments about what might be considered beautiful and or ugly. Such things as simple tools and natural phenomena are objects of such aesthetic judgments: a chair, a tea set, a sunset or a sunflower. Especially in our contact with art, we are quick to state our preferences. Some people enjoy Bach while others prefer The Beatles. There are those who regard Joseph Beuys as a pioneer of modern art, while others do not even consider his “work” as art. Art critics discuss why a certain work of art, a movie or a novel, a theatrical performance or a piece of music, is regarded a failure or a success. In all these aesthetic judgments we try to convince others of what art really is or should be. In this sense, our daily lives are filled with the questions that are central to the philosophy of art, or aesthetics.”

Antoon Van Den Braembussche, Thinking Art

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