Conversation analysis for geeks

Unfortunately Slideshare disabled audio annotation so you can’t hear this talk anymore – but you can read an updated blog post from 2015 that attempts something similar.

When presenting conversation analytic research in my Electronic Engineering and Computer Science department, or presenting at conferences in that context I tend to get some recurrent methodological questions which often preclude getting useful questions from people in other disciplines about the work I’m doing with those methods and the phenomena I’m actually interested in.

This is a problem because I’m one of the very few people using these kinds of methods in my department, and it would help to be able to find collaborators from other research areas and get quality feedback from people.

So, I took the opportunity of giving a short talk at Queen Mary’s EECS postgraduate student conference to try and hone a presentation of CA for geeks down to about 5-10 minutes, so if needs be, I can incorporate it into my talks to get through the methodological issues quickly but with enough substance to allow people to follow me into the meat of my research presentations.


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