One Night Grandstand

Transforming a neighbourhood kick-about into an epic sporting event through the magic of sports commentary.

Commentary box
Phil Parry (BBC London Sport) and a young commentator in action.

The People Speak‘s first commission from Space Studios in 2005 involved training young football commentators and putting on a spectacular one night tournament on the neighbourhood kick-about. With live-action replays on big screens, live commentary from BBC London Sport’s Phil Parry and sound effects, the Ranwell Estate in Bow was transformed into a glamorous stadium for a night. The Crowd

One Night Grandstand has since been developed into a travelling stadium kit, which The People Speak offers as a service as a way of augmenting all kinds of local sporting events.

Links & Credits

  • Fiona Fieber and Tanya Skillen at Space Studios commissioned the first version, and the Chisenhale Gallery who provided space and helped with commentator training.
  • Phil Parry for helped the project and volunteered his time and support.
  • Sacha Edwards and the young people of the Ranwell Estate for playing and supporting their teams so enthusiastically.
  • Frankie Pagnacco (event management), Gio D’angelo (A/V setup and vision mixing), Hektor Kowalski and Jo Ruda (stills camera), Wojciech Kosma (replay/effects system). Gaianova team (event production), Diler Metin, Andy Pagnacco, Jonathan Swain (video camera)

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