The People Speak

A participatory art collective that makes ‘tools for the world to take over itself’.



The 0 Sum Business Model

In 2006, Mikey Weinkove and I set out to bring spontaneous public conversation to street corners, festivals, nightclubs, and schools. We turned Mikey’s Talkaoke project into a successful small business, providing a mobile chat-show as a public service. That was the first of our artworks for which we developed sustainable economic models.

Our ‘Zero Sum Culture Business Model’ aimed to build our existing social and professional networks into an infrastructure for innovating, shaping and deploying new techniques and technologies for conversation, and then turning these into viable products for ongoing micro-social enterprises. After leaving the collective in 2010, I wrote about some of these ideas in Geoff Cox and Tatiana Bazichelli‘s new book on Disrupting Business.

Now run by Mikey and Rick Sleiman, the collective continues to do amazing work developing participatory models for art, culture, technology and conversation.

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